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Reelfoot Lake Duck Hunts

Our duck blind is situated in a small pocket surrounded by timber to one side and grass on the others. It is centrally located less than 500 yards west of the Federal Refuge and just East of the Black Bayou Refuge. This spot is perfect for those days when ducks are wanting to tuck into those tight spots to hide. You will have some of the best "breast up" decoy shots you can imagine. I prefer to guide small hunting parties,one to six people, to make the hunt more enjoyable for each member involved.

With each duck hunt you are furnished transportation to and from the blind, a guide,decoys, two meals, and a very enjoyable hunt. Our duck hunts are affordable enough to fit anyone's budget and are guaranteed. The rate is $125 per man per day with multiple day discounts and as long as your party includes at least 4 people your hunt will be exclusive. You can also view more pictures by clicking the picture link below.

Lodging may also be arranged at Reelfoot's newest lodging facility, Reelfoot Lake Inn, for as little as $60 per night*.

Thanks and see ya soon!


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